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Webcamtest Management Skills

€ 115,00

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Webcamtest Management Skills
Webcamtest Management Skills

Webcamtest Management Skills consists of 10 situations. The duration to respond is about 45 minutes. A quiet place is required so that the candidates can give their answers without being disturbed.

Within the Webcamtest the candidate can demonstrate the competencies needed for a certain task or role in their work, for instance the role of a manager. Situational Judgment Tests (SJT’s) measure insight and not necessarily effective use of this insight in practice. The Webcamtest offers information about insight and the effective use of this insight.

Within the Webcamtest, short films of practical situations are presented. Professional actors were employed in filming the situations. During the short films the actor speaks to the candidate as in normal work situations. After seeing and hearing the situation, the candidate reacts spontaneously and verbally. This answer is recorded by a webcam (which is connected to the laptop computer) and uploaded to a server.

Running the Webcamtest is simple: after providing the answer, the candidate presses the “next” button and the next situation is displayed on the monitor. This situation, in turn, may be initiated by clicking on it. After completion of the Webcamtest, reactions are played back and evaluated by professional assessors. They rate independently of one another. The raters are working online, on the basis of a set of comprehensive scoring instructions.
The Webcamtest can be applied for selection and for coaching or training purposes.

Advantages of the Webcamtest over the assessment center are:

Limited operational costs:The actors have to play the situations only once.
Greater degree of standardization: Each candidate is presented with the same situations. This enhances the reliability of the measurements.
Increased flexibility: Assessors do not have to be present and can judge the material at a later point in time.
Greater breadth of information: More situations may be presented in a short period of time.