Alan Monroe

Alan Monroe (Alan Houston Monroe; 22 April 1903 – 26 January 1975) was an American psychologist, author, and pioneer in the discipline of communication. He is most known for the motivated sequence, also known as persuasive speech. The motivated sequence is a communication technique that outlines how to persuade listeners to take action.

Biography Alan Monroe

Alan H. Monroe - toolsheroAlan Monroe was born in the United States. When he was nineteen, he enrolled at Northwestern University, Illinois, to study a bachelor study. After he obtained his bachelor degree, Alan Monroe was offered a position as an English lecturer at the Purdue University, Indiana.

Alan Monroe continued his professional career at Purdue University. After having taught English, he next became a lecturer in public speaking. In his position, he was perceived as an outstanding communication teacher. Because of this, he was requested to establish a speech course at the university. The result went beyond the expectations.

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Alan Monroe designed the COM 114, Introduction to Public Speaking, and the course was in that time one of the largest communication course in the country. The course is today a mandatory course for many majors at Purdue University.

Alan Monroe’s contributions to communication skills are recognized by various institutions. The Purdue University have additionally established the Alan H. Monroe Graduate Scholar Award, an award that recognizes scholarly activities of graduate students who have exemplified the standards of academic excellence at Purdue University.

Alan Monroe’s communication tool Motivated Sequence is currently many times used as a method to organize effective presentations or any other speech with a specific message or request of action. His method of organizing communication messages are today also used in almost all political- and advertising campaigns. It follows the methodology of the psychology of persuasion and is, for this reason, regarded as an effective communication style.

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