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Ben Tiggelaar (Beno Tiggelaar, born 3 January 1969) is a Dutch business administrator, author of management books, speaker and trainer. He is also an independent researcher, consultant and expert in the field of strategy, innovation and behaviour. Ben Tiggelaar is seen as the management guru of the low lands and works as a columnist for the newspaper NRC Handelsblad.

Ben Tiggelaar biography

Ben Tigelaar was born in Veendam, The Netherlands. Not much is known about his childhood. He studied communication science at the University of Amsterdam and worked as an editor for the magazine Adformatie. He also had a job as a consultant at the bank ABN AMRO. Since 1996 he has been working as an independent entrepreneur.

In 2010, Ben Tiggelaar obtained his PhD in economics and business administration at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam with his dissertation ‘The Core of the Matter’. This research focused on the feasibility and effectiveness of behavioral interventions in national organizations.

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He has since enjoyed a solid national and international reputation as a speaker. His annual seminar ‘MBA in one day’ is the most visited business event in the Netherlands. His book ‘Dromen, Durven, Doen’ has sold more than 450,000 copies in multiple languages, including English, German and Arabic.

Tiggelaar is also a guest lecturer at the IE Business School in Madrid, Harvard University and the Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School. He is also affiliated with Nyenrode Business University and the Rotterdam School of Management. In addition to his daily activities, Ben Tiggelaar is also an ambassador for the aid organization Compassion.

Ben is married to Ingrid. The couple has four daughters: Maria, Isabelle, Emma and Bernice.

Dual Process Theory

Ben Tiggelaar works according to the dual-process theory. This theory states that there is a tension between conscious, planned human behavior and unconscious, automatic behavior. According to the 5/95 approach, 95% of human behavior is unconscious and automatic and only 5% is a direct result of conscious human action.

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Ben Tiggelaar quotes

  1. “If a project succeeds you have earned something, if a project fails you have learned something.”
  2. “If behavioral economists have learned anything about pensions, it’s this: we’re terribly bad at arranging them.”
  3. “It’s not about what you can do alone right now, but about what you could learn with the help of others.”
  4. “It’s so hard to manage yourself well.”
  5. “Long-term goals lead to short-term frustrations.”
  6. “The Netherlands would like to become entrepreneurial without paying the price of uncertainty. You will never become entrepreneurial that way.”
  7. “Bad leaders use the company to make them better. Good leaders use their abilities to make the company better.”
  8. “Those who really solve real problems for real people, always have business.”
  9. “If you don’t know where you’re going… why would anyone else follow you?”
  10. “If you want to change something, you often have to give up something as well.”

Books and Publications

  • 2023. Waarom we allemaal beter zijn dan gemiddeld. Tyler Roland Press.
  • 2021. Zo maak je iemand een kopje groter. Tyler Roland Press.
  • 2021. Dit wordt jouw jaar. Tyler Roland Press.
  • 2020. Echt, je onderschat jezelf. Tyler Roland Press.
  • 2019. Wie succesvol wilt zijn moet vooral een beetje geluk hebben. Tyler Roland Press.
  • 2018. Waarom je beter een baas kunt hebben met een dochter. Tyler Roland Press.
  • 2018. De Ladder. Waarom veranderen zo moeilijk is én… welke 3 stappen wel werken.
  • 2015. De kleine Covey. Business Contact.
  • 2010. Dromen, Durven Doen. Spectrum.
  • 2010. The Core of the Matter: Haalbaarheid en effectiviteit van gedragsgerichte dual systeminterventies bij verandering in organisaties.. Tyler Roland Press.
  • 2006. MBA in één dag. Denkproducties.
  • 2004. Doen!. Het Spectrum.
  • 1999. Internet strategie. Pearson Benelux B.V.

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