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Daniel Ofman is a management coach, consultant and the founder of Core Quality consultancy. Daniel Ofman is also the founder of the famous behavior model: the Ofman Core Quality Quadrant.

Daniel Ofman biography

Daniel Ofman graduated as a business analyst from the Eindhoven University of Technology in 1973.

His curiosity of new forms of operational management led to his departure to Scotland where he held different positions for a number of years at the end of the 1970s.

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From 1980 he has been active as a management consultant in the supervising of development processes within organizations.

In 1984 Daniel Ofman founded Kernconsult [Core consultancy] with Willem van Es. After the successful growth of this company, also due to his publication, he withdrew from the company in 2003 and went on to set up his own business.

Ofman has been the Managing Director of Core Quality consultancy since 2003. It is an organizational development agency that engages itself in the cores of organizational, leadership, competence, personal and ideas development.

From a three-dimensional level (IT-WE-I) practical situations are approached that contribute towards the development of understanding, awareness and energy.

Core Qualities and Core Quadrant

Daniel Ofman trains and coaches people especially at the interface of organizational and personal development and mainly at management level. He has developed the very successful and frequently used Ofman Core Quality Quadrant model and the game of the same name.

He has also published a number of successful books. Inspiration and quality in organizations has been translated into German, English, Danish and Russian and more than 100,000 copies of the book have been sold in the Netherlands.

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Books and publications

  • 2013. Bezieling en kwaliteit in organisaties. Servire.
  • 2009. Mission 9. deBoom Verlag.
  • 2007. He ik daar. Servire.
  • 2004. Core Qualities: A Gateway to Human Resources. Cyan Communications.
  • 2004. The Core Qualities of the Enneagram. Scriptum.
  • 2003. Organisatie-alibi’s. Scriptum, 1e druk, 2003.

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