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David Jemison is Associate Professor of Management & Finance and the director of an MBA programme at the McCombs School of Business in Austin. His area of expertise is strategic management. Furthermore, David Jemison is also a faculty member at Stanford University and Indiana University.

The biography of David Jemison

Prior to his academic career, David Jemison was a procurement officer in the US Air Force.

He received his B.Sc. degree and MBA degree from the Ohio University and he obtained his doctorate (Ph.D.) from the University of Washington.

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His research focuses on strategic management processes in diversified companies.

He has developed the acquisition integration approach model (AIA-model) with Philippe Haspeslagh. This model provides organizations with an insight and guidance in Mergers and Acquisition on choosing the best integration approach. More recent research focuses on business combinations as a vehicle for strategic renewal and how organizations learn from their activities.

David Jemison is the author of many articles and books on general management, strategy development, strategy implementation, the management of diversified organizations and mergers and acquisitions.

The book Managing Acquisitions: Creating Value Through Corporate Renewal, which he co-authored with author Philippe Haspeslagh (Free Press, 1991), received the George R. Terry Award from the Award Academy of Management for the most significant contribution to advancing management knowledge.

He has built up extensive education and consulting experience in North America, Asia, Europe and Latin America. His advice on subjects such as strategy development, strategy implementation, mergers and acquisitions, corporate partnerships and organizational design have been adopted by international organizations.

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Publications and books

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  • 1980. Mutual Property/Casualty Insurance Company Boards of Directors: Size, Composition and Structure. 81, 29-40.
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  • 1979. Strategy Making Influence in Boundary Spanning Roles. Proceedings of the Thirty-Ninth Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management.

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