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Everett Rogers (1931-2004) was a communication specialist, sociologist, writer and teacher. He is best known for his theory about the diffusion of innovations theory in which he introduced the term ‘early adopter’ or pioneer.

Biography Everett Rogers

In addition to a Bachelor’s degree (BSc.) and a Master’s degree (MSc.) in agriculture, Everett Rogers also obtained a doctorate (Ph.D.) from the University of Iowa State. His sociology and statistics dissertation is about the resistance of farmers to use innovative techniques in agriculture. After he had completed his dissertation, Everett Rogers continued to work on his findings and expanded his research by doing follow-up studies.

He was an assistant professor at the Ohio University and in 1962 he managed to publish his ground breaking book Diffusion of innovations (2003).

Everett Rogers, who was a 30-year old scientist and teacher at that time, gained considerable recognition and status with this publication. Throughout the years, and after expanding his research, his work in communications and technology adoption studies increasingly gained wider acceptance. As a result of these developments, various books and articles were published.

From 1990 Everett Rogers turned his attention to the field of Entertainment Educations. In addition to evaluating a radio drama to improve public health in Tanzania, he wrote a book with Arvin Singhal entitled Entertainment Education: A Communication Strategy for Social Change.

Around that time Everett Rogers also established an annual award: “the Everett M. Rogers Award for Achievement in Entertainment-Education”, which recognizes outstanding practice or research performances in the field of Entertainment Education.

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