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Fred Wiersema is a visionary in the area of customer strategy. Fred Wiersema is also known for his contribution of the development of the value and growth disciplines.

Fred Wiersema biography

Fred Wiersema possesses a Dutch nationality. He obtained his Bachelor degree upon completing his BSc. Economics programme at the Erasmus University.

Furthermore, he obtained an MA degree in Marketing from the University of Lancaster (United Kingdom. Wiersema also holds a doctorate (Ph.D.) in business administration from Harvard University. In the past 25 years Wiersema has acquired a wealth of experience by doing research with the intention of sharing this knowledge.

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His three primary areas of attention are focus enhancement, establishing customer relations management and creating a winning culture. Wiersema helps organizations find answers to key questions such as:

  • What makes a company really special in the eyes of a customer?
  • Why do buyers gravitate to certain companies while other similarly-qualified companies are ignored?
  • What makes customers recommend the services of their favourite suppliers?

Before Wiersema started working as an independent entrepreneur, he was senior partner at CSC Index, a large international consulting firm specialized in strategy.

At that time he advised and consulted with many Fortune-100 clients about implementation of changes processes.

Wiersema is now the owner of The Customer Strategy Group LLC, which is established in Boston (United States). His consultancy operates internationally and is specialized in advice and customer focused service delivery strategy and value and growth disciplines.

Wiersema is the author of several highly acclaimed books, with over a million copies in printed in 18 languages. He also publishes regularly in Harvard Business Review, CNN, CNBC, BBC and many other business media outlets.

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Publications and books

  • 2015. Digital Disciplines: Attaining Market Leadership via the Cloud, Big Data, Social, Mobile, and the Internet of Things (Wiley CIO). Wiley.
  • 2013. The B2B Agenda: The current state of B2B marketing and a look ahead. Industrial Marketing Management.
  • 2011. How to Design a Great Customer Experience.
  • 2011. What’s Your Customer’s Problem?.
  • 2011. How to Build Customer Confidence.
  • 2010. FT Press Delivers: Insights from Remarkable Business People.
  • 2002. The New Market Leaders: Who’s Winning and How in the Battle for Customers. Simon and Schuster.
  • 2000. Customer service. HarperCollins Publishers.
  • 1998. Customer intimacy: pick your partners, shape your culture, win together. Harpercollins Publishers.
  • 1995. How market leaders keep their edge. Fortune, 131(2), 52-57.
  • 1994. The discipline of market leaders: Choose your customers, narrow your focus, dominate your market. Basic Books.
  • 1997. Innovation. Harpercollins Publishers.
  • 1993. Customer intimacy and other value disciplines. Harvard Business Review, 7(1), 4.
  • 1987. Advanced Segmentation’s Practical Parameters. Direct Marketing, 49, 30-37.

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