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Hans Vermaak is an adviser, lecturer and researcher. He is associate partner at Twynstra Gudde consultancy, a colleague of Léon de Caluwé and is known for his contribution on the approach of Thinking in Colors.

Biography Hans Vermaak

The consultancy work of Hans Vermaak focuses on challenges organizational changes with complex (social) issues as a recurrent theme.

His six-year research study into complex tasks in organizations brought him a cum laude doctorate (Ph.D.) from the University of Amsterdam and a publication of his research in book form. This book Enjoying Tough Issues received the Best-book-of-the-year 2009 award from the Dutch Association of Management Consultancy Firms.

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As a lecturer, Hans Vermaak professionalizes innovators and he provides shadow advice.

Vermaak is associate partner at Sioo where he co-designs the master’s degree programme ‘Advanced Change Methodologies’.

And he is a visiting professor at the Copenhagen Business School (CBS/Simi) in Denmark. Hans Vermaak regularly publishes articles using supporting research about change management, systems thinking and learning processes.

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Publications and books by Hans Vermaak et al.

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  • 1986. A potential method for determination of gaseous and particulate lead in exhaust gas by microwave induced airplasma emission spectrometry and Zeeman furnace atomic absorption spectrometry. Canadian Journal of Spectroscopy, 31(4), 95-99.

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