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John Henderson is an American researcher, consultant and professor in the field of Management Information Systems. John Henderson and his colleague N. Venkatraman are especially known for their creation of the Risk 3 model for Business IT Alignment.

Biography John Henderson

John Henderson obtained his doctorate (Ph.D.) from the University of Texas at Austin.

He is a renowned researcher and consultant  who has written many published papers in journals such Management Science, Sloan Management Review, MIS Quarterly, IBM Systems Journal, European Management Journal and many others.

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His research and development focuses on three areas, namely: managerial strategic alliances and partnerships, aligning business and information technology (IT) strategies and valuing IT investments.

John Henderson is currently working as Department Editor for the Management Science journal, in addition to being a professor at the University of Boston.

Publications and books by John Henderson et al.

  • 2010. Preparing for the future: understanding the seven capabilities cloud computing. MIS Quarterly Executive, 9(2).
  • 2006. Innovative IT climates: CIO perspectives. The Journal of Strategic Information Systems, 15(2), 125-151.
  • 2001. Knowledge resource exchange in strategic alliances. IBM Systems Journal, 40(4), 908-924.
  • 2001. Understanding “strategic learning”: Linking organizational learning, knowledge management, and sense making. Organization Science, 12(3), 331-345.
  • 2001. The knowledge engine: How to create fast cycles of knowledge-to-performance and performance-to-knowledge. Berrett-Koehler Publishers.
  • 1999. Managing process knowledge for decision support. Decision Support Systems, 27(1), 145-162.
  • 1998. Real strategies for virtual organizing. Sloan management review, 40(1), 33-48.
  • 1997. Learning from action: an analysis of the Center for Army Lessons Learned (CALL). Human Resource Management, 36(4), 385-395.
  • 1996. Aligning business and IT strategies. Competing in the Information Age: Strategic Alignment in Practice, 21-42.
  • 1995. Learning, working, and innovation: a case study in the insurance industry. Journal of Management Information Systems, 43-64.
  • 1993. Strategic alignment: Leveraging information technology for transforming organizations. IBM systems journal, 32(1), 4-16.
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  • 1990. Dimensions of I/S planning and design aids: A functional model of CASE technology. Information Systems Research, 1(3), 227-254.
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  • 1989. Strategic alignment: a framework for strategic information technology management.
  • 1989. Data Envelopment Analysis for Managerial Control and Diagnosis*. Decision Sciences, 20(1), 90-119.
  • 1987. Finding synergy between decision support systems and expert systems research. Decision Sciences, 18(3), 333-349.
  • 1987. Integrating management support systems into strategic information systems planning. Journal of Management Information Systems, 5-24.
  • 1986. Managing end-user computing for competitive advantage. Sloan Management Review, 27(2), 3-14.
  • 1985. Design and implementation of decision support systems in the public sector. MIS quarterly, 157-169.
  • 1983. Knowledge engineering concepts for decision support system design and implementation. Information & Management, 6(2), 109-114.
  • 1981. An evolutionary strategy for implementing a decision support system. Management Science, 27(11), 1309-1323.
  • 1980. Model Management Systems: An Approach to Decision Support in Complex Organizations (No. 80-08-04). Wharton school Philadelphia PA, Dept. of Decision Sciences.

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