Leon de Caluwe


Leon de Caluwe is a Management Consultant and Professor of Change Management at the Vrije Universteit (VU).

Together with Hans Vermaak he co-created the colour thinking theory.

Biography Leon de Caluwe

Leon de Caluwe studied social psychology at the University of Utrecht and he graduated in 1975.

He obtained his doctorate (Ph.D.) from Tilburg University in 1997 with his doctoral thesis ‘Learning to Change: an evaluation study into the design and impact of a large-scale cultural intervention using gaming simulation’.

After he had completed his studies, Leon de Caluwe started working as a management consultant and he has been working at Twynstra Gudde consultancy since the early 1990s.

In 2001, Leon de Caluwe was appointed as a professor at Vrije Universiteit and he manages the Center for Research in Consultancy which studies the role, interventions and effectiveness of management consultants.

Nowadays Leon de Caluwe is also senior partner at Twynstra Gudde in Amersfoort.

His book ‘Learning to Change’ received the “Best-book-of-the-year 1998” award and he was granted the public award from the Council for Management Consultancies and the Dutch Association of Management Consultancy Firms.

Leon de Caluwe specializes in change processes in which the human factor plays an important role.

He has developed the ‘gaming’ method in the Netherlands. In addition he has adopted the so-called colour thinking.

The National Survey into Change Management which he developed with Willem Mastenbroek, was published in 2005 for the first time.

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