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Marty Linsky is an American professor who contributed to the foundation of the concept of Adaptive Leadership. He co-authored the bestselling book ‘Leadership on the Line’ and also authored several other books on leadership, management, politics, and education.
Biography Marty Linsky
Marty Linsky studied Political Science at William College in the United States from 1957 until 1961. After college, he obtained his Doctor of law degree in 1964.

After his studies, Marty Linsky worked at different organizations. He worked in various positions, but Marty Linsky has always been passionate about teaching. He now lectures as an Adjunct Lecturer, someone who teaches on a limited contract, for approximately 40 years at the Harvard’s Kennedy School.

Next to Marty Linsky’s teaching, he worked as a Chief Secretary to the Governor of Commonwealth of Massachusetts. He also worked as a reporter and editorial writer at The Boston Globe and as an editor of the Alternative newspaper. Due to his experience, Marty Linsky decided to establish an enterprise.

In 2002, Marty Linsky co-founded Cambridge Leadership Association. The company today comprises a team of highly experienced consultants working around the globe skilled in the practical application of Adaptive Leadership. Their goal is to help both organizations and individuals to identify the most significant challenges, generate new solutions, and exercise leadership required to bring them to scale.

Due to Marty Linsky's experience, and together with his team, he has helped many large and internationally known organizations, including Microsoft, IBM, Towers Watson, Google, and Alcon Laboratories. Since 2007, he also works together with Kansas Leadership Center as a consultant. This organization is committed to helping people lead more effectively in the challenges that face them in Kansas.

Since 2012, Marty Linsky works as a Board Member for Ascend Learning Charter Schools, an organization that provides lower school, middle schools, and high schools.

Marty Linsky's experience as a consultant, facilitator, and teacher is highly valued. He helped both national as international public and private organizations. He currently lives in New York and is married to Lynn Staley with who he has three children. Marty Linsky is a father in shape who adores food and like to do sports exercises.
Marty Linsky quotes

“The hope of leadership lies in the capacity to deliver disturbing news and raise difficult questions in a way that...

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