Toolsheroes are leading authorities on proven practices. These persons, often called “gurus“, have very influential ideas or theories about various topics like i.e. management, strategy, marketing, quality management, problem solving, etc.

Most toolsheroes are scientists, teachers, coaches, consultants, mentors who have the drive to share their knowledge and to help others achieving their practices.These people become highly respected in management circles because their years of study and the many publications and books that they publish. Most of these toolsheroes also speak in public such as seminars, webinars, on tour University colleges and other type of big events.

On the website of ToolsHero, you will find various toolsheroes such as like Tom Peters, Michael Porter, Alexander Osterwalder and many more. All with their own ideas and career background.

All of them have great topics, famous scientific models and theories. We also try to include quotes, if they we’re available, and their publications and books.

Enjoy and suggestions are always welcome.

Anthony Stafford Beer - ToolsHero

Stafford Beer

Anthony Stafford Beer (1926 - 2002), born in London, was a British theorist, consultant, psychologist and professor at Manchester Business School. He is best known for his work in the field of Management Cybernetics, together...
John P. Kotter biography - ToolsHero

John Kotter

John Kotter (1947) is an Emeritus Professor in organizational science and change management at Harvard University. John Kotter is known for being the founder of 8 step process for leading change and the Six...
Leon de Caluwe - ToolsHero

Leon de Caluwe

Leon de Caluwe is a Management Consultant and Professor of Change Management at the Vrije Universteit (VU). Together with Hans Vermaak he co-created the Thinking in Colors theory. Biography Leon de Caluwe Leon de Caluwe studied social...
Hans Vermaak - ToolsHero

Hans Vermaak

Hans Vermaak is and adviser, lecturer and researcher. He is associate partner at Twynstra Gudde consultancy, a colleague of Léon de Caluwé and is known for his contribution on the approach of Thinking in...
Elisabeth Kubler Ross - ToolsHero

Elisabeth Kubler Ross

Elisabeth Kubler Ross (Kübler Ross) M.D. (1926-2004) was a Swiss-American doctor and psychiatrist who became famous for her progressive ideas and development with respect to care and support for the terminally ill. She also...
Edgar Schein - ToolsHero

Edgar Schein

Edgar Schein (1928) is a Society of Sloan Fellows Professor of Management Emeritus and a Professor Emeritus at the MIT Sloan School of Management. Edgar Schein made a notable mark on the field of...
Stephen Covey - ToolsHero

Stephen Covey

Stephen Covey (1933 - 2012) was (co-)founder of the Franklin Covey Company (a large provider of training and consulting solutions with approximately 3,500 employees). In the last thirty years, Stephen Covey himself provided training...
Geert Hofstede - ToolsHero

Geert Hofstede

Geert Hofstede (1928) is a Dutch organizational psychologist who enjoys an international reputation in the field of intercultural studies. Geert Hofstede is famous for his development of the Hofstede cultural dimensions. This organizational culture model...
Michael Porter - ToolsHero

Michael Porter

Michael Porter (1947) is professor and a management guru in the field of competitive strategy and Department Head of Harvard Business School (HBS). The Competitive Forces Model (or 'Five Forces Model'), the Value Chain...
Fred Fiedler - ToolsHero

Fred Fiedler

Fred Fiedler (1922) is of Austrian descent, Emeritus Professor and one of the leading researchers in the field of leadership and organizational performance. Fred Fiedler is the founder of the contingency theory that shows...

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Betari Box theory - ToolsHero

Betari Box theory

Strengths-Based Leadership - ToolsHero

Strengths Based Leadership

Theory Z by William Ouchi - ToolsHero

Theory Z


Co-creation - ToolsHero


Gemba Kaizen - ToolsHero

Gemba Kaizen


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