Toolsheroes are leading authorities on proven practices. These persons, often called "gurus", have very influential ideas or theories about various topics like i.e. management, strategy, marketing, quality management, problem solving, etc.

Most toolsheroes are scientists, teachers, coaches, consultants, mentors who have the drive to share their knowledge and to help others achieving their practices.These people become highly respected in management circles because their years of study and the many publications and books that they publish. Most of these toolsheroes also speak in public such as seminars, webinars, on tour University colleges and other type of big events.

On the website of ToolsHero, you will find various toolsheroes such as like Tom Peters, Michael Porter, Alexander Osterwalder and many more. All with their own ideas and career background.

All of them have great topics, famous scientific models and theories. We also try to include quotes, if they we're available, and their publications and books.

Enjoy and suggestions are always welcome.

Vilfredo Pareto - ToolsHero

Vilfredo Pareto

Vilfredo Pareto (1848 - 1923) was an Italian engineer, sociologist, economist, scientist and philosopher. During his career he made several important contributions to economics, including a study of national income distribution and tools to...
Robert Cialdini - ToolsHero

Robert Cialdini

Robert Cialdini (1945) is a psychologist, researcher, author and speaker in the field of psychology, and particularly the theme of influence and persuasion. Robert Cialdini ’s famous theory, the Six principles of influence, is...
Henry Gantt - ToolsHero

Henry Gantt

Henry Gantt (1861 – 1919) was an American engineer and famous management consultant. He was best known for his planning methodology, the Gantt Chart. This methodology helped him realize major infrastructure projects including the...
Igor Ansoff - ToolsHero

Igor Ansoff

Igor Ansoff (1918- 2002) was a prominent Russian American mathematician and scientist. He is known as the father of Strategic management and his development of the strategy model, the Ansoff matrix. Biography Igor Ansoff Igor Ansoff ’s...
Fred Wiersema - ToolsHero

Fred Wiersema

Fred Wiersema is a visionary in the area of customer strategy. He is also known for his contribution of the development of the value and growth disciplines. Fred Wiersema biography Fred Wiersema possesses a Dutch nationality. He...
Everett Rogers biography & books - diffusion of innovation | ToolsHero

Everett Rogers

Everett Rogers (1931-2004) was a communication specialist, sociologist, writer and teacher. He is best known for his theory about the diffusion of innovations theory in which he introduced the term ‘early adopter’ or pioneer. Biography...
Abraham Maslow - ToolsHero

Abraham Maslow

Abraham Maslow (1908 - 1970) was a famous American clinical psychologist. Abraham Maslow was particularly specialized in the area of humanistic psychology and became famous with his ground breaking theory on the Hierarchy of Needs....
Rick Griggs - ToolsHero

Rick Griggs

Rick Griggs is a guru in the area of personal development and effectiveness. He is also the founder of the famous ‘out of the box’ brainstorming technique Rolestorming. Biography Rick Griggs He holds Bachelor’s Degrees in...
Masaaki Imai - ToolsHero

Masaaki Imai

Masaaki Imai (1930) is one of the founders and a very famous advisor in the field of the Kaizen, Gemba Kaizen, LEAN Manufacturing and quality philosophies. Especially the further development of continuous improvement within...
Daniel Ofman - ToolsHero

Daniel Ofman

Daniel Ofman is a management coach, consultant and the founder of Core Quality consultancy. He is also the founder of the famous behavior model: the Core Quadrant. Biography Daniel Ofman Daniel Ofman graduated as a business...


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8D Report

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