Toolsheroes are leading authorities on proven practices. These persons, often called “gurus“, have very influential ideas or theories about various topics like i.e. management, strategy, marketing, quality management, problem solving, etc.

Most toolsheroes are scientists, teachers, coaches, consultants, mentors who have the drive to share their knowledge and to help others achieving their practices.These people become highly respected in management circles because their years of study and the many publications and books that they publish. Most of these toolsheroes also speak in public such as seminars, webinars, on tour University colleges and other type of big events.

On the website of ToolsHero, you will find various toolsheroes such as like Tom Peters, Michael Porter, Alexander Osterwalder and many more. All with their own ideas and career background.

All of them have great topics, famous scientific models and theories. We also try to include quotes, if they we’re available, and their publications and books.

Enjoy and suggestions are always welcome.

Katharine Briggs - ToolsHero

Katharine Briggs

Katharine Briggs (Katharine Cook Briggs; 2 January 1875 – 10 July 1978) is the co-creator of the personality type test Myers-Briggs Type Indicator which she created together with her daughter. The test makes Carl...
Max Wertheimer - ToolsHero

Max Wertheimer

Max Wertheimer (15 April 1880 - 12 October 1943) was an Austro-Hungarian psychologist and philosopher. He created the Phi phenomenon which forms the basis of Gestalt psychology. His work created a foundation of psychological...
Victor Vroom - ToolsHero

Victor Vroom

Victor Vroom (Victor Harold Vroom; 9 August 1932) is a professor emeritus of management and professor of psychology at the Yale School of Management. He is an expert in analyzing psychological behavior on leadership...
William Ouchi - ToolsHero

William Ouchi

William Ouchi (William G. "Bill" Ouchi; 1943) is an American Emeritus Professor at the UCLA Anderson School of Management. He is an author and expert in the field of management and organizational systems. William...
Walt Disney - ToolsHero

Walt Disney

Walt Disney (Walter Elias Disney; 5 December 1901 – 1966) is one of the most globally known American film producer, film director, voice actor, business magnate, and philanthropist. He transformed the entertainment industry and...
Charles Hampden Turner - ToolsHero

Charles Hampden Turner

Charles Hampden Turner (19 September 1934) is a British management consultant. Together with Fons Trompenaars, he co-founded Trompenaars Hampden-Turner Consulting. The company has recently been taken over for 50 percent by KPMG, but together...
Yves Pigneur - ToolsHero

Yves Pigneur

Yves Pigneur (5 February 1954) is a Belgian computer scientist and is a professor at the University of Lausanne in Switzerland since 1984. He is known for the Business Model Canvas, a model that people...
Armand Feigenbaum - ToolsHero

Armand Feigenbaum

Armand Feigenbaum (Armand V. Feigenbaum; 6 April 1922, 10 November 2014) was an American quality expert, businessman, and philanthropist who introduced the concept Total Quality Control what eventually led to Total Quality Management. He...
Amy Cuddy - ToolsHero

Amy Cuddy

Amy Cuddy (Amy Joy Casselberry Cuddy; July 1972) is an American social psychologist, professor, and author. She is known for her research on body languages and she is famous for her TED talks. In...
Henry Ford - ToolsHero

Henry Ford

Henry Ford (30 July 1863- 1947) was an American influential industrialist who revolutionized the automobile production industry by being the first to utilize economies of scale manufacturing methods. He introduced large manufacturing plants and...


Ambidextrous Leadership - toolshero

Ambidextrous Leadership

HACCP plan - toolshero


ERP system / Enterprise Resource Planning - toolshero

ERP system


Conjoint Analysis (CA)

Five Canons of Rhetoric - ToolsHero

Five Canons of Rhetoric


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