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Ron Meyer (Ronald John Herman Meyer, born September 11th 1962) is Professor of Strategic Leadership at TIAS School for Business & Society, Tilburg University, in the Netherlands, as well as at Antwerp Management School, University of Antwerp, in Belgium. More information about Ron Meyer can be found on his website.

His research focuses on the areas of corporate strategy, business innovation, digital transformation, organizational change, and leadership, and he teaches in a variety of post-experience educational programs. He is also managing director of the Center for Strategy & Leadership, an international consulting and management development organization, working for a range of large and small companies and public organizations.

Biography Ron Meyer

Ron Meyer is a Canadian, living in the Netherlands, who is mostly known for his insightful frameworks and practical tools across a broad spectrum of management topics, including corporate strategy, business innovation, digital transformation, change management, organizational development, and leadership.

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His models are particularly good at capturing the complexity of management issues in simple diagrams, without dumbing them down. His broad portfolio of management tools is widely used by managers, consultants and academics around the world, partially based on his famous strategy textbook, Strategy: Process, Content, Context, but also due to his more recent LinkedIn newsletter, Meyer’s Management Models.

Ron studied Political Science at the University of Alberta in his native Canada and got his MBA and PhD at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. From 1987 to 1998 he was assistant professor of strategic management at the Rotterdam School of Management. For two years he was also Associate Director of RSM, in charge of managing the MBA Program.

Since 1998, at the Center for Strategy & Leadership and its predecessors, Ron has combined boardroom consultancy work with in-company trainings and applied management research. As consultant he works with many top international companies on such topics as corporate strategy, business model innovation, strategies for growth and organizational development.

As trainer he has given seminars and training courses to hundreds of companies around the world including BMW, Cap Gemini, Danone, Deloitte, IBM, ING, Sanoma, SAP and TomTom. He has lectured at more than 30 universities all across the world.

He has (co-)authored numerous articles and books, among which the internationally leading textbook on strategic management, Strategy – Process, Content, Context: An International Perspective. Over 250.000 copies have been sold so far and the book is used at more than 200 business schools around the world. His most recent book, Leadership Agility: Developing Your Repertoire of Leadership Styles, was published in 2017. He is currently working on a new book, From God to Guide: Reinventing Strategic Leadership, which is planned for publication in 2022.

Ron has been at the forefront of developing new leadership development approaches and tools, to enhance the learning of individuals and organizations. His online Strategist Profiler is widely used to map the strategic thinking styles of managers, while his Leadership Profiler and Engagement Profiler are 360-degree feedback tools used to measure leadership styles and employee engagement respectively. He currently writes a monthly blog, Meyer’s Management Models: Insightful Tools to Kickstart Your Thinking, which is published on various platforms. More information about Ron Meyer can be found on his website: Center for Strategy & Leadership.

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Ron Meyer Quotes

  1. “Leadership is the art of seduction, getting people to do things, not because they have to, but because they want to”.
  2. “Leadership means realizing that no one wants to be a human resource”.
  3. “Beware of leaders who demand you believe or leave”.
  4. “Your strategy is nothing more than your current best guess”.
  5. “Big companies rarely know why they shouldn’t be broken up”.
  6. “People don’t work at an organization; they are the organization”.
  7. “Invention is about mobilizing technology; innovation is about mobilizing people”.
  8. “Leadership is 10% talk and 90% walk”.
  9. “The essence of leadership isn’t making decisions but getting people to act on decisions”.
  10. “Pyramids are monuments to past kings, not inspiring homes for the living”.

Selected Books

  • Meyer, R.J.H. and R. Meijers (2018), Leadership Agility: Developing Your Repertoire of Leadership Styles, London: Taylor & Francis.
  • De Wit, B. & R.J.H. Meyer (2014), Strategy Synthesis: Resolving Strategy Paradoxes to Create Competitive Advantage, 4th edition, London: Cengage.
  • De Wit, B. & R.J.H. Meyer (2014), Strategy – Process, Content, Context: An International Perspective, 5th edition, London: Cengage.

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