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At ToolsHero we have values that have been strongly anchored in our organization and in our services. These values are the foundation for our organization, people and strategy.

Our ToolsHeroes are people, mostly management gurus, that make it possible for us to publish, promote and share their management theories and methods. They’™re our starting point building this platform and sharing their knowledge. To expand the platform we have defined five core values, that will help us to built the base for the platform worldwide:

Helping each other by sharing knowledge

Together online we can reach more people worldwide that don’™t have the opportunity or conditions to access this information. Exploring the theories and applying the knowledge can be a huge accelerator for people’™s development and surroundings.

Building a digital library for tomorrow

We will be adding new content to the platform so the platform keeps growing every day with new theories and methods. With ToolsHero a worldwide audience can explore, apply and share the information from generation to generation.

Always be curious

We stimulate our visitors to always keep exploring. New information and insight can direct you in ways you won’™t have expected to go to and lead to great new adventures. By applying the theories you can reach your goals and innovate faster.

Research is great

Our ToolsHeroes can focus on their research and we enjoy to help ToolsHeroes publish, promote and share their research results to a worldwide audience. Great research should receive the appreciation and attention it deserves. This knowledge can reach many people with the ToolsHero platform.

Anywhere, anytime and any device

We can continuously learn from new research and learning has no prescribed paths. With the ToolsHero platform you can read the information in any place, whenever you want and on multiple devices. Learning can happen all the time and it’™s driven by our ToolsHeroes.

Our mission is simple: “We help people to explore, apply and share management theories and methods. We will never stop learning and together we can help people worldwide. We want to build a legacy for tomorrow. You choose what you want to learn. Learning and sharing are essential to people and to keep the world going”.

The ToolsHero platform will invite more ToolsHeroes to share knowledge and skills with each other. It becomes an endless way of promoting and sharing theories worldwide and the world becomes a much better place.

That’™s ToolsHero!

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