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About us

Mission and vision

Toolshero supports people worldwide to empower themselves through an easily accessible and high-quality e-learning platform for personal and professional development. By making access to knowledge simple and affordable, self-development becomes attainable for everyone. With over 10 million visitors in over 100 countries and an online platform consisting of more than 1000 practical scientific articles Toolshero has a broad international reach, which is continuously expanding.

Our goal at Toolshero is to provide students, business professionals, scientists and interested people everywhere with the opportunity for growth by offering them educational tools for further self-development. This valuable know-how can be used in daily practices and their gained expertise can be shared with the people around them. This is how we empower our world together.

Toolshero team

To realize our mission and vision we have a committed team that shares a strong sense of involvement and determination to spread knowledge and expertise across the globe. We are furthermore thankful to the world-renowned scientists whose knowledge we’ve shared on our platform, in the form of summarized and cited presentations enriched with practical theories, models, methods, templates and questionnaires.

Toolshero thus comprises of many heroes; the scientists providing us with valuable knowledge, our team turning this into an accessible learning experience and our members mastering these tools to further improve themselves and those around them. Together we amplify the important spread of knowledge in our world and that’s what Toolshero is all about.

Toolshero community

At Toolshero we encourage our visitors to help spread and share our online platform as well. We are expanding the Toolshero platform on a daily basis and hope to reach an even bigger audience to realize our vision of an empowered world. We also welcome suggestions and invite you to follow our Toolshero social communities on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.

When you become a Toolshero member you will receive access to all the exclusive content on our platform and you can subscribe to our newsletter too. Visit subscribe page for more information about our membership plans. Dutch and Spanish speaking visitors can also visit www.toolshero.nl and www.toolshero.es.

We thank you for visiting our platform and being a part of our community!

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