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Quality Management (QM)

Quality management (QM) can be defined as all management activities and functions that are needed to achieve and maintain a desired level of excellence.

Quality management (QM) can be defined as all management activities and functions that are needed to achieve and maintain a desired level of excellence.

The management activities and functions include the set up of a QM System, a quality assurance definition, a quality planning system and defining the functions of Business Process Management (BPM) / quality control and quality improvement.

A good example of such a system is Total Quality Management (TQM). TQM is a business and quality philosophy that champions the idea that the long-term success of a company comes from customer satisfaction and continues quality improvement.

Next to TQM, there are also other methods and philosophies like Total Productive Maintenance (TPM), Six Sigma, LEAN Management and many more.

What are the most known and used tools and methods? What are their success stories and practical tips when you apply these? These posts are all about great tools and methods that can help you to achieve your goal or understand certain aspects that come with QM.

Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA)

April 16th, 2024

Failure Mode and Effects Analysis: this article provides a practical explanation of the Failure Mode and Effect Analysis or FMEA. After reading this article, you will understand the basics of this powerful quality management and risk analysis tool.This article…

Scientific Management Theory and Taylorism

April 12th, 2024

Scientific Management Theory: this article explains practically Scientific Management theory, also called Taylorism by Frederick Taylor. The principles of scientific management are the underlying factors for successful production and quality management. This article covers the history, definition…

HACCP plan explained

April 8th, 2024

HACCP plan: this article explains the HACCP plan in a practical way. The article starts with a general definition and meaning of HACCP, followed by an extensive step-by-step plan and finally you will find information about risks and controls associated…

Measurement System Analysis (MSA)

February 29th, 2024

Measurement System Analysis (MSA): This article explains the Measurement System Analysis (MSA) in a practical way. Next to what it is (definition), this article also highlights why it necessary, a Measurement System Analysis example, How is an MSA performed and…

Gemba Kaizen explained: meaning and theory

November 20th, 2023

Gemba Kaizen: this article explains the concept of Gemba Kaizen. Next to what it is (the definition and meaning), this article also highlights explanation of the gemba walk, principles and objectives of Gemba Kaizen, the workplace and the advantages.…

Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE)

November 7th, 2023

Overall Equipment Efficiency: this article explains the concept of Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE), an indicator that measures the efficiency of industrial machines. After reading it, you will understand the basic concepts of this tool that is of great importance for…

Quality Circle (QC) explained

November 3rd, 2023

Quality Circle (QC): this article explains the concept of a Quality Circle (QC) in a practical way. Highlights of this article include: a definition of a QC, the history of quality circles and the conditions and steps to set up…
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