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What other members say about Toolshero

I have been using Toolshero, an online e-learning platform for skills + career development and have found it very useful. The quality of content is excellent and spread of topics covered is amazing. I would strongly suggest leaders and aspiring leaders to leverage Toolshero to expand their knowledge and boost skills with Toolshero.

Nitin Bhosekar

Head Advanced Analytics, AI, Automation, Big Data, DW Practice & Executive Vice President at Aress Software

Toolshero gives me several possibilities. On the one hand I use it as a reference work and on the other hand to follow new developments. There are also practical templates that you, as a user of toolshero, can easily use. To guide my clients in their ‘Step Up’, I also recommend them to look up their knowledge about various management models.

Peter Huijgens

Owner & Organisational Development at Stap Omhoog

As a seasoned product management professional a lot of the topics in the Toolshero Toolkit are beneficial to me and I’ve gained quite some useful tips & knowledge already that I was able to implement in my work right away. I also enjoy broadening my skill set with tools outside my field of expertise, simply to work on my personal development, so I’m happy that Toolshero offers both. My favorite part about the platform is that I get to learn much faster, as the articles are easy to understand and cover the important basics to bring a theory into practice. So, there’s no need for me to take an entire course on it and I can just select those topics that are relevant and interesting to me.

Ankur Malhotra

Product Manager at Makemytrip.com

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