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Information Technology (IT) and software development is related to issues related to computer technology, software, the Internet, the people who work with it and the basic processes in these disciplines. It includes not only code writing, but also preparation and training to meet the requirements and organizational objectives.

The objectives for Information Technology (IT) and software development are: accelerating product development, managing knowledge, optimizing processes, reducing costs and gaining a competitive advantage.

These objectives are necessary to ensure that the availability of and access to information works optimally at all times in order to be able to make well-founded decisions in a timely manner.

Since the advent of the global web, many scientific and practical studies have been carried out from an innovative and technological point of view. What are the most well-known and used theories, models and methods? What are different technological success formulas and how can they be applied? These articles are about powerful and valuable theories and methods regarding Information Technology (IT) and software development.

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