Advertising and Affiliates

Can we advertise on Toolshero?

No sorry. Toolshero has its own network of banner providers that we serve at toolshero.com.

Can I place sponsored posts on Toolshero?

Again no, sorry. We don’t publish sponsored posts, only guest posts. Check our guidelines to become an author.


How do I subscribe to your free newsletter?

If you want to subscribe to our free newsletter, go to the sidebar of an article and at the top you will find a small sign-up form to subscribe yourself to our newsletter.


How can I be a community member?

Becoming a Toolshero community member is really easy. Visit our memberships plans at our subscribe page, choose a package and follow the registration fields to fill in the form. Within 5 minutes you can have unlimited access to our content, templates and more.

How can I update my payment information?

If you want to update your payment information, login on my account, go to “Your Payment Information” and choose the option “Update Credit card Details”. Now you can update your payment information

How can I update my email and / or password?

If you want to update / renew your password, login at my account, go to “Your Profile” and update password.

I lost my password. How can I recover this?

If you lost your password, you can recover this by going to our Login page and choose the option “lost Password” and follow the needed steps.

How can I cancel my membership?

If you want to cancel your membership, login at my account, go to “Your Subscription” and cancel your membership.

How can make the Toolshero resources available to my team?

If you want your team, organisation or company to use the Toolshero platforms, we have tailor-made solutions. Visit our corporate page, send us information about how many users you want for your organisation or company and our team will get back to you with an offer.

I’m a student, do you have special memberships?

To help the educational sector, we offer teachers, lectures and student a special discount to use Toolshero as an e-learning platform. Visit our subscribe page and check what we can do for you.


I’m having problems opening Toolshero PDFs. How can I open them?

If you are experiencing problems with opening our PDFs, you can resolve this by downloading and installing i.e. the latest version of Adobe Reader.

If this does not work, try downloading the PDF a second time. If you continue to have download problem, please contact us for support. We can send you a copy through via e-mail.

Can I use / reproduce the content of Toolshero?

If you want to use our content for educational or training purposes, you can use the APA style reference in your training material.

If you have other requests, i.e. the use of a model in a book publication, you can send a permission request via our contact form.