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Are you an expert in the field of management theories and methods? Do you have practical management information you want to share with the world? Do you need a global online platform to share this? Then this is the right place for you and toolshero can help you!

Toolshero has an editorial team and we are always looking for enthusiastic writers/professionals who are passionate about project-, quality-, financial- and change management, marketing (including social media), communication, innovation and effectiveness.

Toolshero helps people with an online global platform to explore, apply and share management theories and methods in their environment at any time, in any place and through any device.

What’s in it for you as a toolshero author?

Every day we have thousands of unique visitors reaching our website and we can help you in the following ways:

In addition, we help you to reach an even larger audience by:

Guidelines and Rules

In order to guarantee/maintain the qualitative level of our platform we have drawn up a couple of guidelines and rules. By becoming an author, you accept these guidelines and honor them within your article(s).


Submitting your article is free of charge because we believe in the power and importance of knowledge sharing. In fact, we will translate your article to a Dutch variant (for toolshero.nl) to reach a larger audience.

Our Content Strategy

Toolshero only shares qualitative content that is focused on our mission; sharing management theories and methods within our existing categories. We do this largely in the form of articles, each of which relates to one specific theory/method. For inspiration and examples, take a look at our published articles.

What we do not publish are: promotional articles, commercial articles, infographics or general blog articles (with such titles as ’˜top-x lists’™ and ’˜the best tips for year-x’™). These suggestions will be rejected. Paid posting is also something we do not do.

Article content

The primary focus within an article should be on sharing knowledge about one specific management theory/method in the form of practical information, explanation, applicability, tips, examples or a step-by-step plan. Articles should be written in a clear and structured way, matching our existing content and vision. The following also applies: quality over quantity. This gives the author the space to do good research and to be critical of his or her own work. An average article is between 1.800 and 2.000 words.

If you mention other management theories or methods within your article, see if an internal link can be made to yet existing articles on toolshero. Not only will this result in better positioning within search engines (leading to more readers), it will also provide a better user experience to readers. The inclusion of external links is only permitted if it has an informative added value. Promotional or commercial external links are not permitted.

Does the subject of your article include a model image/illustration? Then add this (can be an example image) to your concept article so that we can convert it to our own identity/model template. A picture says more than words and makes your article more understandable and interesting.

At the end of your article, please provide 3 APA-styled resources for further reading about the topic or closely related topics.


The provided content for Toolshero is exclusive. This will prevent that the article can be duplicated on other websites besides toolshero. Submitted content may not include copied content from somebody else.

Share your knowledge

We invite you to share your knowledge about management theories and/or methods or a management guru via our platform.

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