How Free VPN Can Help You Achieve Success in Digital Marketing

How Free VPN Can Help You Achieve Success - Toolshero

The global digital marketing market is growing steadily due to the development of online businesses. Experts predict that it will double its value by 2028. The high competition in this area forces specialists to search for new tools to achieve better results and utilize budgets more efficiently. In this aspect, free VPN is not to be overlooked. Being a security technology, VPN can bring many benefits to digital marketers, primarily due to the ability to connect to various remote servers. So let’s find out how free VPN works and how to use this tool to gain an edge in digital marketing.

How does a free VPN work?

A free VPN (virtual private network) encrypts the data transmitted between your device and the internet. When your device connects to a VPN, it builds a secure tunnel for your internet traffic. This aids in IP address concealment and maintains the privacy of your online activities.

The operation of the VPN technology is as follows:

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  1. You download the VPN app for your device. Today, free VPN solutions are available for any device and operating system. You can protect your Windows or Mac computer, install a browser extension for safe online surfing, and find an app for any smartphone. Always install applications only from official stores. For example, the Android VPN is available on the Google Play Store, and the free VPN for iOS is offered on the official app store.
  2. You will be asked to choose one of the available VPN servers. When you connect to the remote server, the VPN will start acting as an intermediary between your device and any servers you want to reach.
  3. After you establish a connection with the VPN server, any data you upload or download will be encrypted and transmitted over a VPN tunnel. Within a VPN tunnel, data from your VPN client is delivered or received securely using end-to-end encryption.
  4. Since your data is no longer sent directly to the final recipient, but through a VPN server, it becomes possible to hide your IP address. Any third parties will only see the IP address of the VPN server from which they receive your information. The IP address carries a lot of information about the user, but the most important for digital marketing is that it reveals the user’s real location. Therefore, the VPN allows you to hide this information from prying eyes.

This information may seem too techy for you, but it’s important to describe it so that you better understand how to use a free VPN in digital marketing.

How to use a free VPN in digital marketing?

Use a free VPN to monitor your competitors.

Monitoring and analyzing competitors is an important part of any digital marketer’s work. This allows you to make timely adjustments to your promotion strategy and better assess your market position. However, competitors typically do their best to reduce the chances of rival organizations and their employees observing them. To do this, they hide backlinks to their site and close the site from competitors.

Of course, there are many competitor analysis tools on the market, such as Ahrefs and Moz. However, none of them can collect 100% of the information about a business. So digital marketers still need to browse competitors’ websites and social media and manually analyze the data.

With a free VPN, this can be done in secret. Competing companies can track what you do on their website using your IP address. They can even block your access to the site by blocking your IP address. Since a VPN hides your IP address and displays the IP address of its server, it allows you to bypass such blocking. Competitors will not be able to distinguish your actions on the site from other users, because each time you connect to a new VPN server, you will receive a new IP address.

Use a free VPN to get search results more organic

As an online marketer, you are well aware that Google, like any other search engine, adapts its results to each user. Since it is extremely important to work with unbiased data, you need to eliminate the influence of your previous activity on search results. To do this, you should clear your cache and cookies, use incognito mode in your browser, and connect to a VPN.

This is especially important if you work as a freelancer with many projects or use personal gadgets for work. Google does not hide the fact that they constantly use the IP address of users as their main identifier to personalize search results. Therefore, by hiding your IP address with a free VPN, you will get more organic results in Google or any other search engine.

Use a free VPN to boost your local SEO

If you are working on a project created for users from another country, it can be difficult to develop a promotion strategy, analyze keywords, and choose the right promotion channels. Utilize a free VPN to browse the Internet search results as local users of the target country.

For this purpose, when connecting to the VPN, select a server located in the country for which you are promoting the product. Your IP address will be replaced with the server IP address and for all Internet systems you will look like a local of the chosen country. This way you will be able to better analyze the Internet search results and choose the ways to promote your product.

Boost your social media campaign performance

In social media marketing, a free VPN can be used to:

  • access to any social network from anywhere in the world. Even if you work remotely and arrive in a country where the social networks you need are blocked, using a VPN server located in your home country, you will get access to these social networks.
  • to establish contacts with local influencers in other countries.
  • to check how your advertising creatives are displayed to users in other regions.

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Conduct price analysis and find the best deals

Prices for many products and services differ for users in different countries. This applies both to subscriptions to streaming services and the purchase of airline tickets. For example, tickets for the same flight will cost differently for a user searching from the United States and Eastern Europe. With a free VPN, you have the opportunity to:

  • analyze the pricing policies of your competitors in different geographies;
  • save money on the purchase of digital products. Before you pay for a subscription to the service you need, clear your cache, connect to the VPN, and choose a remote server located in a country with a lower income. After that, check the price of the desired program again. Often you will be able to buy it at a better deal.

Keep confidential data private

As a digital marketer, you probably have access to a lot of sensitive client or employer data. For example, the results of market research, marketing strategies, and budgets. Leaking such data can bring both reputational and financial losses to you and the company. So whether you work for a company or take on freelance projects, it’s important to treat data responsibly.

Therefore, it is essential to use the VPN because of its basic security functionality in any profession. Connect to a VPN when working with any sensitive data. This will encrypt it and minimize the risk of losing data due to cyberattacks.
Use a free VPN will improve your workflow.
Use modern technologies such as the VPN to work from anywhere conveniently and safely. With a free VPN, you can:

  • securely use public Wi-Fi networks for work. To do this, choose a VPN that uses reliable tunneling protocols, such as OpenVPN, and provides the highest level of encryption (256-bit).
  • take on projects from other countries. By connecting to different VPN servers, you can register on freelance platforms in other countries and take on projects for additional income or portfolio.
  • work while traveling and keep access to the necessary materials wherever you are.
  • improve workflows, for example, avoid reCAPTCHAs. It arises from the numerous searches that an online marketer makes every day in search engines. Change your VPN server from time to time to ensure that search engines identify you as a new user every time and do not apply reCAPTCHAs to you.
  • avoid bandwidth and data throttling. To reduce network congestion, your ISP may limit your internet speed at specific periods of the day, instead of making additional expenses to serve the growing traffic. Speed limits may also be based on your online activity. For example, when you upload videos to the web or download large files without using a VPN, your ISP can track your activities and slow down your internet speed. With a VPN, you hide your activity from the ISP, so you don’t allow them to throttle your bandwidth.

To summarize, every digital marketer will find the most effective ways to use a VPN based on the nature of his/her work. The greatest advantage is that there is a free VPN, so you don’t need to make any additional expenses to test its capabilities in the field of digital marketing and draw your own conclusions.

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