Mission and vision

Together we can share the management theories and methods to people that are interested. With good and practical explanations of management theories and methods we try to describe the world as we research it until there is a new and better theory that provides us with better insights.

Our mission

We are ToolsHero and we present and promote simplified management theories and methods to everybody who’s interested worldwide. Our visitors are students, managers and professionals and by sharing the content, we try to help them in a practical manner. We believe that by sharing knowledge, we help visitors build legacy, stimulate research and provide innovators a platform.

We improve and expand the ToolsHero platform continously to fulfil this mission. That’s why we also ask our visitors to share the information in their environment. Today we have visitors from a lot of countries in the world and we’re still have enough countries to expand to. The worldwide sharing of the management theories and models is what we stand for. We want to exceed expectations and present our visitors the best experience with the ToolsHero platform. We’re always curious what you’re expect to find on our platform.

Together with our ToolsHeroes we’re building a library for tomorrow.

Our vision

Digitalization, customer experience in the lead, a platform for business tools, online business community, webinars, book reviews, worldwide new toolsheroes and more video education via our platform, brings ToolsHero on a higher level which will make us a global knowledge platform for everybody who wants to share management theories and methods or interesting management topics that can help others worldwide.

ToolsHero will be:

  • Number 1 management knowledge platform worldwide;
  • Adapt the best technology to maximize support for our visitors experience;
  • Next to a business company, a sponsor to charity initiatives with a business perspective to boost the economy;

With the opportunities of SEO, SEA and social media we can reach a worldwide audience and engage people to share the management theories and methods. We innovate and continously focus on presenting a complete platform for management content to meet the expectations of our visitors. We use the best technologies and experts to exceed customer experience. Together with our ToolsHeroes and visitors we will help people and initiatives with knowledge, collaborations or otherwise.

Our team is of great importance to realize our mission and vision. Our team members stand for involvement, ambition and innovation.

We built this platform to remove the barriers between countries and opportunities of people.