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Global Strategy

Global strategy: this short article explains global strategy in a practical way. Next to what it is, this article also highlights its importance, the different types and tips. Enjoy reading!

Global strategy: this short article explains global strategy in a practical way. Next to what it is, this article also highlights its importance, the different types and tips. Enjoy reading!

What is a global strategy?

A global strategy is a strategy that a company develops and executes to expand from a smaller market to a global market.

The goal of developing this strategy is often to increase sales across the world.

Developing a global strategy can benefit a company in many ways, including generating more sales and profits and increasing global brand awareness.

To develop this strategy, it is important to consider how certain products will perform in the global marketplace. Developing such a strategy therefore involves conducting market analyzes as well as analyzing competitors, customers, locations and other components of the business.

The importance of developing a global strategy

Developing a strategy like this is important because it can help a company be even more successful in multiple locations at the same time. Advantages include:

Improving sales figures

A key benefit of creating a global strategy is increasing sales by operating in new markets.

Entering a global market can lead to increased sales of the products one already has.

It can also allow the company to take advantage of emerging markets, which are locations around the world with developing markets and increasing economic growth.

Access to new resources

The strategy can also help a company take advantage of new resources.

Some companies choose to create this strategy with the aim of seeking new resources in other parts of the world.

Resources include raw materials, knowledge and collaboration opportunities for research & development.

Promoting brand awareness

It can also help a company increase global brand awareness.

One of the ways to increase recognition in all parts of the world is to use a global, unified branding strategy. Consider a consistent brand message, reducing marketing costs and increasing customer awareness of the brand around the world.

Reducing costs

Another benefit of creating global strategies is taking advantage of lower labor costs in other parts of the world.

Some companies are incorporating efficiency-seeking activities into their strategies to reduce their labor costs.

Creating economies of scale

Expanding into the global market can also give a company the benefits of economies of scale. Economies of scale occur when a company experiences lower costs as a result of increasing production and efficiency.

Diversification and risk spreading

A global strategy can also include the introduction of new products and brands for specific markets.

Creating one can also help diversify business risks, including economic risks and operational risks such as natural disasters. That’s because business risks can vary around the world.

Types of global strategies

There are three main types:


With a standardization strategy, a company expands its operations into the global market and sells the same products in each location.

This strategy is known for maintaining centralized control rather than handing over decisions to local markets.

Some benefits of a standardization strategy include the ability to develop products more quickly and coordinate activities across different locations more easily.

International strategy

An international strategy often involves importing and exporting products. With an international strategy, you can collaborate with foreign suppliers and sell to customers worldwide, while the physical branches are located in your own country.

In general, international strategies continue to focus primarily on the company’s home market, while conducting business abroad.

Multinational strategy

When a multinational strategy is used, the products can be adapted to each individual local market.

There may also be physical business locations and staff present at different locations. The main advantage of using a multinational strategy is the ability to tailor the business to individual locations.

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Global strategy tips and tricks

The articles linked to the global strategy tag include information about the various techniques, methods and strategies that companies use in expanding into the global marketplace. Are you missing articles around certain topics? Let us know in the comments or fill out the contact form. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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