About toolshero

With toolshero we want to change the world with open and accessible management knowledge via the internet to increase the opportunities of people.

Toolshero helps people with an online global platform to explore, apply and share management theories and methods in their context anytime, anywhere and any device.

What’s in a name

We started the platform at the beginning of 2013 and we already have numerous of visitors worldwide. The name toolshero emanates from the thought that by sharing this information, that have been developed by talented researchers, we will together make this knowledge accessible. The management gurus that developed these theories are our global toolsheroes and our starting point. You can read the basics of any theory for your personal use or business challenges.

The management theories are explained concisely in the articles with, if possible, an example from practice to clarify the theories. All theories are tools written by talented toolsheroes.

Our contribution

The toolsheroes platform helps visitors to find the management information they are looking for. By exploring the articles, students, managers and professionals can increase their knowledge with the objective to apply and share this practically. In this way knowledge sharing takes place at a practical and theoretical level through which a connection is created.

Global knowledge platform

We improve and expand our services every day to reach this. That’s why we ask our visitors to share the information in their environment. The platform has been built to increase the opportunities of people. Our daily visitors represent a lot of countries and we’re still have enough countries to expand to.

“Whether you want to make changes for your business, apply a new project management method or refresh your knowledge, toolshero helps you with practical theories and methods from the best toolsheroes in the world, so that you can improve and accelerate fast!”

Read, share and stay tuned!

We want to exceed expectations and try to present our visitors the best experience with the toolshero platform. We’re always curious what you’re expect to find on toolshero platform.

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