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E. Jerome McCarthy (February 20, 1928 – December 3, 2015) was an American marketing professor who has lectured at several universities such as Michigan State University and the University of Notre Dame. E. Jerome McCarthy was also the founder of the Marketingmix: 4P’s.

The biography of E. Jerome McCarthy

Edmund obtained his doctorate (Ph.D.) from the University of Minnesota in 1958.

In 1987 McCarthy was honoured with the American Marketing Associations Trailblazer Award. In addition, he was voted one of the top five leaders in Marketing thought. McCarthy has played a prominent role in the development of teaching and instructional materials.

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Besides publishing various articles, he is the author of several instructional methods in the area of marketing. One of his most famous books, which he co-wrote with William D. Perreault jr and Joseph P. Cannon, is Basic Marketing – A Global Managerial Approach.

Marketing mix theory

A famous concept is the marketing mix of which he reduced the basic elements to the 4 Ps namely product, price, place and promotion. They are still used in marketing lectures and literature.

He was been very active in the world of business meetings and academic conferences. He has worked with groups of teachers throughout the USA and has mainly focused on international conferences in South America, Africa and India.

In addition to his academic interests, Edmund has been involved in consulting work for various large organizations (both in the USA and abroad). E. Jerome McCarthy has worked with top managers from Steelcase, Dow Chemical, 3M, Bemis, Grupo Industrial Alfa, and many other large organizations.

He has also been active in ‘executive education’ and he has been a director of several organizations.

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Publications and books

  • 2011. Basic marketing: A marketing strategy planning approach. McGraw-Hill Irwin.
  • 2009. Marketing’s Value to.
  • 2006. Essentials of marketing: a global-managerial approach. McGraw-Hill/Irwin.
  • 2001. Applications in basic marketing: clippings from the popular business press. McGraw-Hill College.
  • 2000. Basic marketing. McGraw-Hill.
  • 1999. Basic marketing. Boston.-2002.
  • 1999. Learning Aid for Use with Basic Marketing, a Global-managerial Approach. McGraw-Hill Ryerson.
  • 1993. Basic marketing: a global-managerial approach. Homewood, IL: Irwin.
  • 1991. Essentials of marketing. Homewood, 1L: Irwin.
  • 1988. Marketing orientedness and economic development. Historical Perspectives in Marketing: Essays in Honor of Stanley C. Hollander, Lexington: Lexington Books, 133-46.
  • 1986. Strategic development of planned vertical marketing systems. Marketing Channels. DC: Heath, S, 52.
  • 1984. Basic Marketing Strategy. IL: Richard D. Irwin.
  • 1984. Basic Marketing. Homewood, Illinois: Richard D. Irwin. Inc., l984, 207.
  • 1982. Essentials of Marketing. Richard D. Irwin.
  • 1978. Basic Marketing, a Managerial Approach, Homewood, 111.: Richard D. Irwin.
  • 1975. Readings in basic marketing. Richard D. Irwin.
  • 1971. Social issues of marketing in the American economy.
  • 1966. Integrated data processing systems.
  • 1964. Basic Marketing. Richard D. Irwin, Homewood, IL.
  • 1960. Basic marketing: A management approach. Irwin, Homewood, Ill.

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