7 Steps to Turn Your Dreams into Goals and Achieve Them

7 Steps to Turn Your Dreams into Goals and Achieve Them - Toolshero

I would love to start this article claiming that one day your dreams will come true. All you need is to be patient/ get distracted/ change your perspective (choose the most appropriate option). But the truth is, it doesn’t work this way.


Having understood it, the majority of us get into depression, complain how unfair this world is, but keep their heads in the clouds. They find fault with anything that happens to them and take the path of least resistance. They are hopeless dreamers. Their unpreventable fate—eternal regrets.

But there is another group—the achievers. Having realized the truth, they got frightened, but this alarm, instead of making them give up, motivate them to open their eyes and start acting. They choose to be responsible for their deeds. They are creators. Their unpreventable fate—dream life.

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The ways of these teams do not cross. Their participants communicate rarely. However, everything is possible. You can change your mind and join the other group at any time. If you’re ready to, use these tips to have your way lightened.

1. Keep your eyes open

To build a life of your dreams, you have to stay open-minded and face any challenge you meet on your way gratefully. You should never hide from new opportunities, visit new places with pleasure, be excited to meet new people, communicate and learn.

Everyone has a dream, and often they are similar. So, sharing your dreams could be very helpful. Naturally, people like to help others, especially if they had the same idea or liked yours. All you need to do is to let them take part.

Nevertheless, do not sit idle. It is your dream and your life. Even if the whole world is against you, act.

2. Make plans

Your dreams are fragile vessels that could be broken with ease, but plans are the shells that save them from destruction. Plans turn your dreams into goals. They let you be purposeful and have a clear vision of the steps you should take to make your dreams come true.

If you want to become an achiever, you never have to leave the realizing of your dreams to destiny. You ought to develop and take steps every day. Your movement could be slow, but it is still better than procrastinating and no movement at all.

Believe your instincts, but do not rely just on them. Plan, and you’ll have a map that will lead you through the woods of obstacles and challenges unscathed. Getting support from a life coach is also a good option.

3. Get inspired

No matter how long you have a specific dream and how strong your desire to make it come true, sometimes, outer circumstances make us give up on it and look for alternative variants. Without a doubt, it is the way to regret.

To keep your dream bright and tangible, look for inspiration. Sure enough, there are many successful people around you. Do not avoid them thinking they are too smart and prosperous to communicate with you. Try to become friends with them. These hard workers always have what to tell and recommend. Anyway, even just their lifestyle will be a great piece of advice on what to do in life to reach your goal.

4. Look for opportunities

No doubt, you have thousands of arguments why there is no point to try to make your dreams come true, but no arguments can change the truth—if you don’t try, you don’t succeed.

If you want to become a singer or to run a brewery business, but keep spending your evenings in front of the TV or chilling in bars, you’ll never reach your goal. Dreams come true only if you work pretty hard for it.

Sure, life is unpredictable, and there are a lot of obstacles that can hold you back. But you have to remember they are temporary. Pass through them and keep moving.

5. Listen to yourself

Be honest with yourself. Stay true to your ideas. There will be plenty of people who’ll be persuading you to stop trying saying your dreams are impossible to come true. Moreover, occasionally, you will find reasons to give up by yourself. Do not let these thoughts win over you. Fight.

You are the master of your life. So, if your dream is to make children’s jewelry, do it. Do everything to get to your happy place in life. Follow your dreams. They won’t mislead you.

6. Do not get scared

Fear is a very strong emotion, and it could be a significant obstacle on your way. However, as soon as you overcome it, you’ll find out there is nothing impossible.

Everyone who got enough courage to make their dreams come true was scared at the beginning. All the achievers experienced that. And it is okay. Uncertainty is scary. But it is the test everyone who dares to follow their dreams has to pass. If you really want to be happy, you can do it. As the happiness is the only thing that really matters.

7. Fail

You’ve heard me. Fail. Every success story started with the failures and misfortunes. It is a magical rule you have to consider before starting your way. If every prosperous and happy person stopped after the first flop, we wouldn’t go on space trips, start our cars just pressing the button, or listen to the Beatles.

Failing you find another method that doesn’t work. You get new experience, learn and become stronger. Failure after failure you get closer to your dream life. After some time, you realize you have no reasons to quit trying, as the hardest part of the way is passed. You make findings and keep moving.

It is your life, and you have the only try. Do not waste it.

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It’s Your Turn

What do you think? How do you turn your dreams into goals and achieve them? Do you recognize the practical explanation or do you have more additions? What are your success factors for realizing life goals?

Share your experience and knowledge in the comments box below.

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  1. Atukunda Martin says:

    Am so happy to find that out of the 7 I have achieved all the 7 and I don’t even realise it… I have lots of dreams that need to be put into serious motion but I think being scared has been my greatest problem..
    Thanks for the great advice

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