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Michael Treacy is a professor of management and has over 30 years of experience dealing with organizational issues in the field of market leadership. His ideas about value and growth disciplines, together with Fred Wiersema, have been used across the globe in strategic planning, organizational development and market research.

Biography Michael Treacy

Michael Treacy holds a Bachelor degree (B.Sc.) in engineering from the University of Toronto. Years later Michael Treacy obtained his doctorate (Ph.D.) from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

His years as an academic have contributed to successful ideas about strategy and the implementation/adoption there of. With Fred Wiersema he has carried out various practice-driven studies. The results of these studies have been translated into critical and innovative publications and books.

Michael Treacy is also the founder of Treacy & Company Inc. Consultancy firm, which is specialized in the area of strategy, growth and profitability. They serve various large organizations in the financial services sector, telecommunications, industrial products, health care and consumer goods.

In addition to consultancy services Treacy & Company Inc. is also active in establishing funds and the launching of new business Enterprises. These enterprises include for example GEN3 Partners, an organization that has business locations in for example Boston and St. Petersburg, and which is dedicated to the creation of product innovations based on science.

Another example of a radically different enterprise is First Help Financial, a company that offers car financing to new immigrants.

Quotes by Michael Treacy

  1. “Companies that have taken leadership positions in their industries in the last decade typically have done so by narrowing their focus, not by broadening it.”
  2. “It’s not just about the best and brightest, it’s about understanding what capabilities your people bring to the table and knowing when to use their expertise.”
  3. “Companies that have the discipline to focus and the vision to lean into the future, even in unpredictable times, will gain scale, scope and power. Those who don’t are at risk.”

Publications and books by Michael Treacy et al.

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