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Yves Pigneur (1954) is a Belgian computer scientist and is a professor at the University of Lausanne in Switzerland since 1984. Yves Pigneur is known for the Business Model Canvas, a model that people can use to design, challenge, and pivot any business model, which he co-created with Alexander Osterwalder.

Business Model Generation

Their international bestseller Business Model Generation has been sold in more than a million times and has been translated into 40 languages. They recently also authored ‘Value Proposition Design’.

Biography Yves Pigneur

Yves Pigneur obtained his doctorate in Computer Science at the University of Namur in Belgium under professor François Bodart. In 1984, additionally obtained his Ph.D. in Information Systems.

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He is a chief editor of the academic journal Systèmes d’Information & Management.

Next to his positions, Yves Pigneur works as a visiting professor at various universities. He already provided lecturers at Georgia State University, University of British Columbia, National University of Singapore, HEC Montreal, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, University of British Columbia, Georgia State University, and Naval Postgraduate School.

Yves Pigneur was a member of the Executive Board of the Competence Network on Electronic Commerce. He also served in the Walloon Government of Belgium, an executive brand of Wallonia which is part of the main government of Belgium, from 1995 until 1997.

In 2004, Yves Pigneur was awarded the Best Paper Award by Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences.

He recently received the AIS Outreach Award, an award that recognizes members who successfully transfer research to practitioner audiences in practice-based publications, for Business Model Generation, at the International Conference on Information Systems in 2016.

In 2015, Yves Pigneur was awarded the Thinkers50 Strategy Award and was ranked 15th as the top 50 most influential management gurus. In 2017, he was ranked 7th by Thinkers50.

Yves Pigneur still lectures at Lausanne University and also at different universities as a visiting professor. According to his students, he is perceived as impressive due to his analytical skills. He is able to stay ahead of trends, and he has excellent conceptual thinking skills.

Famous quotes

  • “The right culture can change the art of what’s possible in organizations”

Books and publications by Yves Pigneur et al.

  • 2015. Value proposition design. Campus Verlag.
  • 2013. Designing business models and similar strategic objects: the contribution of IS. Journal of the Association for information systems14(5), 237.
  • 2013. Business model generation. Wiley.
  • 2012. Business model you: a one-page method for reinventing your career. John Wiley & Sons.
  • 2011. Aligning profit and purpose through business model innovation. Responsible management practices for the 21st century, 61-75.
  • 2011. Privacy-friendly business models for location-based mobile services. Journal of theoretical and applied electronic commerce research, 6(2), 90-107.
  • 2011. Business IT alignment from business model to enterprise architecture. In International Conference on Advanced Information Systems Engineering(pp. 4-15). Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg.
  • 2010. Business model generation: a handbook for visionaries, game changers, and challengers. John Wiley & Sons.
  • 2009. Near field communication: an assessment for future payment systems. Information Systems and E-Business Management, 7(3), 347-361.
  • 2009. Compliance management is becoming a major issue in IS design. In Information systems: People, organizations, institutions, and technologies(pp. 391-398). Physica-Verlag HD.
  • 2007. An assessment of NFC for future mobile payment systems. In Management of Mobile Business, 2007. ICMB 2007. International Conference on the(pp. 43-43). IEEE.
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  • 2005. Comparing two business model ontologies for designing e-business models and value constellations. BLED 2005 Proceedings, 15.
  • 2005. Clarifying business models: Origins, present, and future of the concept. Communications of the association for Information Systems, 16(1), 1.
  • 2005. Skype’s disruptive potential in the telecom market: a systematic comparison of business models. Lausanne, CH: University of Lausanne.
  • 2005. Mobile customer relationship management: an explorative investigation of the Italian consumer market. In Mobile Business, 2005. ICMB 2005. International Conference on(pp. 42-48). IEEE.
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  • 2004. Multi-issue actor analysis: tools and models for assessing technology environments. Journal of Decision Systems, 13(2), 223-253.
  • 2004. Information Systems alignment in uncertain environments. Proceedings of Decision Support Systems (DSS).
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  • 2003. Modelling Customer Relationships in eBusiness Illustrated through the Mobile Industry. BLED 2003 Proceedings, 41.
  • 2003. Towards business and information systems fit through a business model ontology. In Strategic Management Society Conference, Baltimore.
  • 2003. An ontology for e-business models. In CHAPTER IN WENDY CURRIE (ED)” VALUE CREATION FROM E-BUSINESS MODELS”.
  • 2003. Modeling value propositions in e-Business. In Proceedings of the 5th international conference on Electronic commerce(pp. 429-436). ACM.
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  • 2003. Business Model Analysis Applied to Mobile Business. In ICEIS (4)(pp. 173-183).
  • 2002. E‐business model design, classification, and measurements. Thunderbird International Business Review, 44(1), 5-23.
  • 2002. An ontology for developing e-business models. IFIP DsiAge.
  • 2002. Business models and their elements. In Position paper for the international workshop on business models, Lausanne, Switzerland.
  • 2002. Analyzing the actor game in m-business. In First International Conference on Mobile Business, Athens.
  • 2000. The e-business model handbook. École des HEC–Université de Lausanne.
  • 1999. Digital trade of human competencies. In Systems Sciences, 1999. HICSS-32. Proceedings of the 32nd Annual Hawaii International Conference on(pp. 9-pp). IEEE.
  • 1996. The IT-enabled extended enterprise, applications in the tourism industry. In Information and Communication Technologies in Tourism(pp. 113-120). Springer, Vienna.
  • 1996. On the road of electronic commerce-a business value framework, gaining competitive advantage and some research issues. Lausanne: Institut D’Informatique et Organization, Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales, Université de Lausanne.
  • 1996. Leveraging electronic commerce for competitive advantage: A business value framework. In Proceeding of the Ninth International Conference on EDIISO, Bled, Slovenia.
  • 1995. The extended enterprise: a descriptive framework, some enabling technologies and case studies in the Lotus Notes environment. Ecole des HEC, Université de Lausanne, M-94.

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