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Case management: this article explains Case Management in a practical way. Next to what it is (definition), this article also highlights the background, an example, Case Management Certification, how it works in practice, the advantages of doing it, supporting Software and a final thought on this concept. After reading, you will understand the basic concepts of this powerful administration tool for the follow-up and optimization of services that provided to the client. Enjoy reading!

What is Case Management?

Case Management definition

Case Management is the processing of data for the resolution of a situation or problem. This tool was used primarily by physicians in health institutions to plan, process and monitor health care services. It is now also used as a legal tool, for legal monitoring and optimization that must be had with clients.

Although it was initially implemented only for the health field, industries began to see the optimal results of this tool and were able to adapt it for business purposes.

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Case Management provides dynamics for business processes that require complex decisions and decision-making where the team must analyse in depth the information processing with the actions that must be taken for the development of what the company needs at the moment.

Background of Case Management in the medical sector

As mentioned, Case Management is a specialty practice and collaborative practice within the health and human services professions. C

ase Management was initially used for physicians to collect information, monitor the patient and be able to take actions with said problem that the patient has, thus being able to follow the appropriate flow to reach an exact conclusion and give solution to what the person requires. The method is also appplied by social workers.

Case Management Example

The doctor must have a record of each patient who enters the hospital. In most cases the patient already has a clinical history, this much facilitates the interaction of the doctor with her patient.

The medical staff evaluates the history and proceeds to review our symptoms, with the in-depth review they perform they can determine if it is necessary to send medical tests, medical treatments or refer the patient directly to specialists to attend to their case. The objective of this is that the doctor with the procedure she uses can make her patient feel much better.

Making it clear that each patient is unique and has different cases, the doctor will take the necessary actions in the different cases that arise in her office.

With this explanatory example, it can be analysed how Case Management is serving at least two purposes in this scenario: attending to the patient and the effectiveness of the hospital management system.

Case Management Certification

In the field of medicine there is a certification called CCM (Certified Case Manager) that is connected to medical care and health management. The certification certifies that the Case Management administrator has the education, skills and experience to be able to manage the optimal services before the provision of services that must be had with the client.

Case Management used in other industries

Nowadays, companies have adapted this tool for their own organizational interests for the service they have with the client or with the product that they have on the market. Case Management is used by any organization that has:

  • Defined a clear objective
  • Defined a beginning and an end
  • Collected information to be able to comply with the operation of the processes
  • A case manager to coordinate these processes
  • A work team to meet objectives

For case management it is vital to have a case manager who can take the necessary and important actions in the different processes. When there is a new project be it for customer service or a new or improved product, it is important that the case manager controls everything from start to finish.

The administrator can find support in the history that the company has on certain previous projects in order to find the support of the new process that is required in the new way forward (research, data collection, actions, commitments and results).

How Case Management Works

There are different types of software that allow the realization of case management in an easier way, however, we will delve into this later.

We will first take a more specific look at how Case Management works. Gathering accurate and valuable information gives the flow that this tool needs to be able to build a team, delegate tasks and train them on the topics that are needed.

When this is structured, productivity will increase among employees in solving the problems of the cases that arise in the project. With the proper registration of cases and accurate monitoring and Case Management, you will have effective solutions for conflict resolution.

The operating process is composed of the following phases: detection, evaluation, risk consideration, planning, implementation, follow-up, transition (attention), communication and evaluation.

Case managers do all of the below carefully in order to maintain the integrity of the client’s interests, wants, and needs

  • Help and support customers
  • Assess and understand the care options available to them
  • Agree your goals and priorities of care
  • Determine what is best to meet your needs
  • Institute actions to achieve your goals and satisfy your interests / expectations

Advantages of Case Management

The advantages of Case Management make it much faster to offer quick solutions to situations that arise in the company.

Less paperwork

Nowadays everything is controlled digitally, so there is a significant saving in the use of paper that not only makes it more automatic in administration, but also benefits the environment.

The spreadsheets go into the background

With software systems it is no longer necessary to have spreadsheets as a confusing way to organize case management.

Quick information just one click

A system that makes the search for information much faster and more effective.

Effective collaboration

Have a team and a system that is positive to solve the case management.

Positive resolution of cases

By providing an efficient solution to cases, this makes the improvement of productivity be seen more and more in the situations that arise in the organization.

Honesty in the labor field

More honesty in the processes that must be carried out for the resolution of case management.

The records are better kept

The case management system can neatly keep the case management records and make it easy for the worker to find the document they need at the time.

Reports through audits

With the record saved, it is easier to control and monitor the cases that are handled or are being handled at the moment. This makes the analysis more efficient.

Customer service

Customer service can be personalized. Through the analysis it is possible to see what should be improved to solve problems.


In some cases, case management gives the client the ability to solve problems individually, this means that clients solve for themselves. This can be done by offering a self-service portal.

Case Management is now a main factor in companies that want to develop and advance more in the resolution of conflicts that can arise in projects or in customer service. For this reason the manual and the saturation of forms are left behind for the handling of cases. Case Management software is a reality.

Case Management Software

To fully grasp the importance of Case Management, it is important then to explain the Software system that collects and gives the efficiency so that the resolutions and records that are needed can be made in an optimal way with technological advances.

This digital tool makes processes more orderly and effective when interacting with them. The Case Management software collects and organizes information to carry out the necessary solution in each case that is found.

In order to understand the operational structure of this software the following example needs to be considered.
The online assistance service indicated a customer has a problem with the product or service that the company offers, so he or she proceeds to communicate as soon as possible to find a solution to his problem.

Online help tickets example

Michael is registered in a virtual Spanish course, so far Michael has not had problems with the schedule of his virtual classes at all, however, he began to present failures with the system in the schedules of his classes that he had previously registered. His teachers are not present at the agreed time Michael chose. Seeing that there is an error in the online school, he decides to write his complaint and request for improvement on the page so that the times are the specific times he chose.

Tickets are a specific example of problem solving in handling cases with a client. The case begins with the name of the client and the complaint he has. Michael in this case can give details of the problem he has so that the ticket is more detailed and the system can identify what type of request it is and be able to provide the solution that is needed.

Some cases can be solved quickly, others direct Michael to another filter in order to solve his situation. This software gives an organized order the flow that must be followed with the client, thus presenting a quick solution or response to their problem.

With this, the client will be able to follow the suggestions that the software indicates step by step and be able to reach the resolution of the problem in a correct way. This gives the customer the power to do it himself in an easy way. If he can’t do it himself or the system doesn’t come up with a solution, the leak will push it to another level so that Michael can fix his situation.

With the previous example, it is possible to understand a little more the effectiveness of the Case Management software that companies today use to collect information, follow up on processes and be able to resolve conflicts that arise, whether with clients, services or products.

The software can also be used internally to collect and control information that is needed. Technology as an optimal form for case management processes.

Advantages of Case Management Software

Less human errors

Automation is already the improvement offered by the Case Management Software since the forms or the step by step that the client must follow are automatic in order to be able to process the information better and quickly, thus saving the time of the person involved. For example, forms and electronic signature.

Cases can be handled from anywhere

Whether workers who are focused on this area need to be continually traveling or need to constantly visualize processes. This software can be in the cloud and have access to it from anywhere the person is.


The software not only makes it possible to solve problems, it also collects information and organizes it for problems that may arise in the future with your customers. This makes the optimization of results better.


The software must have the ability to adapt to the interests of the company, be they commercial or internal flow. Change to the needs that are presented by the organization.


The Case Management software will provide you with automatic data and file collection security. Making backups, backup copies so that if there is a failure, the information collected is not lost. These advantages can help speed and efficiency in the technological field, however, it is important not to forget that human support is vital for the software to be understood.

Some examples of Case Management software

  • Amberlo
  • App4legal
  • Mycase
  • Casepacer
  • Bizagi


Case Management was previously a tool used only by the hospital sector that involved cases with the patient, however, it is a fact that the business sectors took this tool for their commercial purposes, thus giving solution and effectiveness to the different cases that can be presented with the client and the product that is being offered.

It is also worth noting that many administrative areas are supported by software that helps the performance of action and response for the management of cases that must be attended.

In this case, the Case Management Software is accompanied by human personnel to be able to fulfil the tasks responsible for the satisfaction, needs and attention that users or clients need. The human factor is vital to be able to generate empathy with the person who needs effective solutions.

Beyond software, it is necessary to have trained personnel to meet the standards that the company has.

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Now it is your turn

What do you think? Is Case Management essential to present quick solutions for a client? Can these solutions be much more effective if the company has Case Management software? Have you implemented Case Management in your company? If so, how has it worked for you in the productivity of the service?

Share your experience and knowledge in the comments box below.

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