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Sakichi Toyoda (1867 – 1930) was a Japanese inventor, industrialist and the founder of Toyota Industries Co., Ltd. Sakichi Toyoda revolutionized the textiles industry in Japan, and is sometimes called the Japanese Thomas Edison. He is also the founder of the 5 Whys problem analyis method and the 5S system, both great LEAN management tools.

Biography Sakichi Toyoda

In the spring of his twentieth year, Sakichi made the huge decision to leave the familiarity of his village and travel to Tokyo.

There, Sakichi Toyoda saw modern factories and the latest machinery. These fascinated Sakichi, and awoke in him a passion for machines and motors.

Returning to his village, Sakichi began to conduct his own research, starting with the familiar objects around him. He devoted himself to improving the hand loom, which at the time was a clumsy and inconvenient device.

Sakichi Toyoda devoted his life to studying and developing textile assembly. In the 30 years of age completed Toyoda loom. This then led him to establish the origin of the Toyota assembly, namely the Toyoda Automatic Loom Works, Ltd. in November 1926.

Beginning in 1933, when the auto mobile division of Toyoda building, then a lot of teams run by his son Kiichiro Toyoda, producing endless innovations ahead of his time. Machinery Type A successfully completed in 1934. A year later this engine transplanted the first prototype of their passenger cars, A1. Toyoda automotive division also produces trucks G1 model.

In 1936 they launched their first passenger car, Toyoda AA (then still using the name Toyoda). This model was developed from the prototype model A1 and body and machine equipped A. This vehicle is from the beginning expected to be a people’s car. Product concept Toyota on hold until now.

His most famous invention was the automatic power loom in which he implemented the principle of Jidoka (autonomous automation). The principle of Jidoka, which means that the machine stops itself when a problem occurs, became later a part of the Toyota Production System (TPS).

Sakichi Toyoda developed the concept of 5 Whys: When a problem occurs, ask “why” five times to try to find the source of the problem, then put into place something to prevent the problem from recurring. This concept is used today as part of applying lean methodologies to solve problems, improve quality, and reduce costs.

Sakichi Toyoda died on October 30, 1930, at the age of 63.

Famous quotes by Sakichi Toyoda

  1. “Workers are treasure of the factory. They are important to me.”
  2. “The more people use my inventions, the better the country will be.”
  3. “I’m not talented more than anybody else. I just put lots of efforts and researches.”
  4. “There is nothing that can’t be done. If you can’t make something, it’s because you haven’t tried hard enough.”

Publications and books by Sakichi Toyoda et al.

  • 1914. U.S. Patent No. 1,093,088. Washington, DC: U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.


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