The Iceberg of Culture

This infographic describes the iceberg of culture, a change management infographic which was created by Anton Rius from gothamCulture

Changing the organizational culture is challenging. It’s a time consuming process and the changes can have a lot of effect.

But why is change necessary and what does it means to the leaders?

The needs of stakeholders are constantly changing. Organizations need to change to hold or improve their position in the market.

Or as Philip Kotler said: “You have to run faster to stay in place.”.

For leaders it’s a challenge to recognize indicators of culture improvement as the visible indicators are limited.

The iceberg of culture shows that most of the indicators are below the surface and therefore not directly visible. But this doesn’t mean the indicators are not visible at all.

The iceberg of culture infographic highlights:

  • The iceberg contains three layers of which 1/3 is visible.
  • Study and apply the included leadership tips to get more insights.
  • And more…

Would you like to read more about the different layers of the iceberg of culture and learn about the different indicators? Scroll down on the page of gothamCulture and study the article.

infographic the iceberg of culture - Toolshero

This infographic has been published by the gothamCulture.

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