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The Stepladder Technique

The Stepladder Technique is a decision-making method to simplify effective decision-making in a group. The goal is to make sure that the thoughts and ideas of all members are made…

Marketing Research Mix

The Marketing Research Mix or the MR mix was made in 2004 and published in 2007 by Nigel Bradley. He's a university professor of marketing at the University of Westminster…

Behavioural Science Approach to management

The behavioural science approach of management is focused on the psychological and sociological processes (attitude, motivations, and group dynamics) that influence employee performance. While the classic approach is focused on…

Tubbs Systems Model

The Tubbs Systems Model is a linear model for group development. Stewart Tubbs approaches group development from a system perspective.

Cognitive Dissonance Theory

According to the cognitive dissonance theory, people tent to seek consistency between these cognitions. The theory was developed by Leon Festinger.

Editor's choice

Strategic Business Unit (SBU)

A Strategic Business Unit (SBU) is a fully independently operating entity or unit of a business with its own vision and course.

Business Transformation

Business transformation is synonymous with change management; a strategy that involves aligning people, processes, and technology with the company strategy.

Mission Statement

A mission statement is a brief description of why an organisation exists, what the overall purpose of the organisation is, and what distinguishes it from its competitors.

Horizontal Integration

Horizontal Integration is the strategy to merge and acquire companies that are possible direct competencies for the market in which you want to have power.

Resource Allocation

Resource allocation is the process in which a company decides where to allocate scarce resources for the production of goods or services.

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