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Information Technology (IT)

Waterfall Method

The Waterfall method is a project approach where the project is divided into linear successive phases. Each phase must be successfully completed before the next phase can be started.


Metacognition is thinking about thinking, 'knowing about knowing' and 'becoming aware of awareness'.

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Appreciative Inquiry

In Appreciate Inquiry it is all about the reverse process and here the emphasis is on positive change and what brings out the best in people.

Ofman Core Quality Quadrant

In order to gain an understanding of the mutual relationships, Daniel Ofman developed a core quadrant or core quality quadrant model from which it becomes clear why this friction arises.

Business Case

In a Business Case the costs are carefully balanced against the benefits. This project management tool can be used in a simple and in an extensive manner.

Gantt Chart

The Gantt chart is the precursor of the project planning board and is still used today as an important planning tool. Including an example and template.

Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM)

Project managers like using a Responsibility Assignment Matrix to identify the role of the various members of a project team. This matrix is a structural chart in which is visually…