Running effective meetings

This effectiveness infographic describes practical tips for running effective meetings. It was created by QuickBase

Meetings take place everywhere and they take place a lot.

For example; 25 million meetings take place each day in corporate America.

All the meetings take time and time usually means that this costs money. So what can you change to accomplish effective meetings?

With the right preparations you will save time not only for yourself but also for all the other attendees.

Create a meeting agenda and share this via email 24 hours before the meeting takes place.

This way everybody knows what will be discussed and what they might need to do to prepare their selves.

An agenda helps to start on time but most important to keep the meeting on topic and it reduces side conversations.

Use the classic pen and paper and let attendees put away their smart phones to be fully focused on the meeting

Running effective meetings infographic highlights:

  • Currently, much time is wasted because of ineffective meetings
  • Combine tips to make meetings even more effective
  • Many tips help to accomplish on topic talks
  • And more…

Would you like to read more about running effective meetings? Scroll down on the page of QuickBase and study the article.

infographic running effective meetings

This infographic has been published by QuickBase.

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