The 2% mindset

This infographic about the 2% mindset of the population have the ability to be superheroes and gives a good people-based visualization.

It’s a visual summary by whoisCH!CK about:

  • how to be comfortable without being uncomfortable and to grow and create change in your life, achieve happiness and became a superhero by mastering the skill to hang in the discomfort zone.

Some important results of the research:

  • 98% of the population lives in the comfort zone i.e. being like everybody else, insecure, play it say and more.
  • 2% of the population is going for the new zones like exploring new things, choosing happiness, living without limits and more.
  • Mastering a new skill by challenging yourself with new and unfamiliar experiences to get more experience, overcome fear and achieve new goals in life without limits.
  • Boost your confidence by taking baby steps to change behaviour and adapt new information and experiences.98% of the population: your comfort zone

Would you like to read more about the research? Scroll down on this page and study the infographic.

2% mindset - whoischick

This infographic has been designed by whoisCH!CK.

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