How to become more assertive at work

This infographic describes 3 practical steps to become more assertive at work. It was created by Think Confidence.

Do you want to come across assertively to you your colleagues? Many people would answer ‘yes’. And they are right, as this has different positive outcomes.

Being assertive can help you with interacting with your colleagues, presenting you thoughts confidently but also to get your point across during discussions.

There are different tips and techniques you can apply to train your assertive behavior which you can apply directly to your job. This infographic describes the first 3 steps to being assertive.

The first step describes what possible outcomes there could be if you’re not aware of your own behavior and how important it is to come across naturally to your colleagues.

The second step focusses on your communication style. Gain control of a conversation by communication in a way that suits the other person.

The third step describes the effects of body language, in relation to the message you want to get across.

Being assertive at work infographic highlights:

  • Subtle changes make a BIG difference.
  • Adapting and mirroring techniques to gain conversation control
  • The strengths of body language
  • And more…

Would you like to read more about being assertive at work? Scroll down on the page of Think Confidence and study the article.

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This infographic has been published by Think Confidence.

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